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Suzume is a 2023 anime film by Makoto Shinkai. It was relased in India on April 21, 2023. The film follows the story of a high school student Suzume, who comes in contact with a mysterious man. She decides to help him to save the world. Thus going on road trip to uncover the mystery of this danger which has link to her past.

Be it any medium, storytelling is an art in itself. Yes, every medium limits the ways in which a story is told; at the same time gives possibilities in multitudes. And Cinema, added to Japanese Animation or Anime is something that is extraordinary power in every sense. And as the saying goes – With Great Power Comes Greater Responsibilty, Suzume delivers it perfectly.

So, what do we need for a good storytelling experience? For me, it feels that the story shouldn’t take itself too seriously yet be very considerate about what it is talking about. And that is the core ingredient of Suzume. It is so well ingrained in Suzume that I couldn’t stop myself from falling in love with it, although why would I stop myself even!!

Writer-Director Makoto Shinkai has made Suzume in such an engaging way that it is a thorough win from every side. And the use of music… I can write a very separate experience about it. But first things first!

The narrative begins very simply. We get a character that we easily identify with. Then the complexity in this protagonist’s life comes. And suddenly (organically, I mean) we are on a journey with this character. Wait, I haven’t told you that the character is Suzume herself! But up to now, we have fallen in love with her because of the story going so smoothly.

Now if we look at it, it is a subjective journey or the story of an individual dealing with an individual problem. But then comes something… When we are completely immersed in this individual world of Suzume, there come dialogues, very simple dialogues, very natural visuals with this amazing soul-touching music, and it becomes universal. We can’t neglect that these dialogues are backed up by very good events that have made this journey so delicious up to now!

This shift from individual to universal is something worth experiencing. It is the key ingredient. This makes the character go Woah! But more than the Suzume, we the people who have identified with her, cheered for her, rooted for her, cried with her, laughed at and with her are suddenly looking with our mouths ajar at what is happening. It makes me shiver, cry and feel goosebumps all over my body.

And all this through these very simple yet real characters who are dealing with something so human that you relate to them immediately. No doubt Makoto Shinkai brings his art of writing into play in a very beautiful manner. And then Kafka on Shore by Murakami references a visual treat. It is always mesmerizing to watch Murakami on the screen.

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If we look at it, there is nothing extraordinary in such a way but still, it is far better than extraordinary. Why? Because of its simplicity. The simple storytelling and then the art of storytelling as a circular form! Oh!! The taste it gives. I will not lie when I say that I was just on the verge of crying. It was worth every moment in the cinema hall waiting for the film to start when these PVR people were running commercials for a full half an hour. But then Suzume comes.

The visuals are great. But music by Radwimps & Kazuma Jinnouchi is so minimalistic and so powerful because of its design. Whenever it comes it doesn’t make you feel its presence. But it is there slowly working its magic on your soul. It was such a pleasure to watch this story with this music.

Suzume is a storytelling treat!! If anyone wants to enjoy a storytelling masterpiece, go for it. It is far better than anything you have seen in a long time. Great visuals, great music, an amazing experience and very touching characters.

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